Here are some items that are already finished and available OR can be made to order. These are all brand new and unworn (except for photos.) Let me know if your Witchee is interested in any of them! (My Witchee gets first pick of course...) Obviously I can't charge minimum wage for knitting time or these would all be much too expensive.

Would love to trade for other services or swap for goodies or we can work something out. Prices do not include postage but if we're swapping or trading services, it won't matter. If you're buying outright, I'll calculate postage.

Owl Mitts: none made but I have yarn for a few different colors. Thumb will be longer because I'll alter the pattern next time.
(I sell these for $35.)

Swirling Elvis Mitts: My own pattern! I can do other colors if your Witchee wants mitts, or a different style. I need to do some finishing work and then they'll be ready to ship.
(I sell these for $35.)

Crocheted Unicorns - my mom does these and can do whatever color. She did a pinto one for someone too. The horns have sparkles.
($40, these are big and huggable. I can measure if you want.)

Jacinto mitts - ready to ship
(I sell these for $35)

Violetas Mitts (same color as Play Violetas for Me) - ready to ship
(I sell these for $35)

SFO Sky mitts - ready to ship
(I sell these for $35)

Stormy Tarts hat - this is dark brownish/blackish red. ready to ship
(I sell hats for $35.)

My Precious Yvaine - ready to ship
($35. It's more like a bandana or small shawl size. I can measure if you want. The yarn to make it was $30 but I'm never going to use it.)

Night Stretcher - ready to ship
(If I were to sell this it would be around $50-60)

Play Violetas for Me - ready to ship after I weave in ends
(If I were to sell this it would be around $50-60)

Happy 200 Shawl - still needs to be blocked, it will be wavy-er
(If I were to sell this, it wold probably be $90-100)